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    About Us

    Interlinked data analysis & consulting firm

    We will help you bring value from your data. Our approach to interlinking cross functional data to get new insights and analytics will help you drive innovation and growth. Some the services we have helped our client:
    • Enterprise Data Strategy
    • Machine Learning (ML) beyond Proof of Concept
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Internet Of Things (IoT)
    • Data Science Tools
    • Data Modeling for Enterprise
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Governance
    • Center of Excellence
    Who we are

    Building real-world AI and Analytics
    solutions at Interlinked Scale

    We are data analysis consulting firm who are building own analytical products to made better future. We advise on what we believe and treat your solution as if it was our own since we want you to be equally successful

    Data science

    Applying modern data science techniques to your data assets


    Data engineering

    Using advance engineering to transform your data for creating value


    Data analysis

    Interlinking cross functional data from multi-source for analysis


    Data visualization

    Using industry best practice metrics / KPI with right visualization techniques

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    How We Work

    Datamine Work Process

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